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Welcome to Brass Precision Parts

Manufacturing Products of Conduit Fittings, Brass Electrical Parts, Sanitary Fittings, Building Hardware, Cable Glands, Brass Nickel Parts, Brass Earthing Parts, Junction Boxes, Loopin Boxes, Galvanised Fittings, Brass Tower Bolts, Brass Hinges, Brass Aldrops, Brass Knobs, Brass Machined Parts, Brass Switchgear Parts, Brass Auto Parts, Copper Cable Lugs, Brass Turned Parts, Brass Compression Fittings.


The products of us are broadly for Furniture industry, Machine industry, Sanitary ware metal industry, Architecture industry, Gym equipment ect.

The range of our products include following :

Cable Glands and Wiring Accessories :

Brass BW Type Cable Gland, CW Type Cable Gland, E1W Type Cable Gland, A2, A1/A2 Type Cable Gland, PG Type Cable Gland, Split Bolt, Flexible Adaptor, Brass Alco Type Cable Gland, Brass Marine Cable Gland, Brass TRS Cable Gland, Wiping Gland, Cable Glands.

Earthing Accessories and Equipments :

Brass Earth Rod, Coupler, Earth Rod to Cable Clamp (G Type), Rod to Tape Clamp (A Type), Split Connected Clamp, U Bolt Connector Clamp, Brass Square Tape Clamp, DC Tape Clip, Flat Type Test Clamp, Multi Points

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Brass Cable Glands